Lansing Bike and Seek Spring 2021

Still-COVID Edition

The 6th Annual Lansing Bike and Seek is on! Since we are not quite out of the woods yet, we are doing another socially distanced ride. The plan: you’ll ride your bike, you’ll try to find eight clues scattered throughout the city of Lansing, you’ll optionally try to find three token locations, you’ll have a great time, and there will be trophies! The COVID differences: instead of a single day, the course will be open from May 29 - June 20, instead of paper clues, you’ll use your smartphone to scan signs at the clue locations and solve the clues.

There is a suggested donation of $10 per team to help cover our costs and anything beyond that will be donated to the Lansing Bike Co-op. You can Venmo us @Jill-Dombrowski-4 or swing by and use cash; contact us for details.

Start/end location: Foster Community Center

    Before the event:
  1. Register or Login
  2. Create a team or stay on your team from last year
  3. Practice scanning quick response (QR) codes
  4. Pack snacks, pens, a notebook, and water bottles, check your bike is in good working order
    During the event:
  1. Scan the START QR code at the start location. This starts a timer and shows your team the first clue on your dashboard. Step away from the clue if you see other teams to maintain social distancing.
  2. Solve the clue by typing in or selecting the correct answer on the clue's webpage, this will reveal the next clue location.
  3. Repeat for all clues - after 5 minutes of first scanning each clue an option for a hint will become available. A second hint is available after 7 minutes. Your final number of hints used will be visible to others.
  4. Optionally solve the token clues, head to the revealed location and scan the code at the destinations (no actual tokens need to be collected).
  5. Scan the END QR code at the end location. This stops your timer and publishes your time (and the amount of hints used) for all to see on the results page!

Once you register, you’ll have access to see our email address and phone number. If you have any issues on the course (before 10pm please), feel free to give us a call or text. As always, ride safely and have fun. Please keep distance between yourselves and everyone else out there (seekers and non-seekers).

A bicycle treasure hunt around the city of Lansing. Organized to get people exploring the city by bike and solving fun puzzles with friends!

Organized by: Claire, Damien, Jill, Mike and Ron

Sponsored by: Glassen Rhead McLean Campbell & Schumacher, Foresight Group, and Eastside Compost Company.

"I really appreciate the care and effort that went into planning this event. It was a great tour of some beautiful parks and neighborhoods in Lansing that were unfamiliar to me. The route was scenic and safe, loved the ride from start to finish! Thanks for putting this together and I'm looking forward to doing this again next year."

-Rider, 2020

"I liked the more obscure parks, I found places that were within 10 minutes of me that I have not been to previously and will now go and visit. Thank you for doing this, and I hope it continues in the same format in the coming years. My whole family was able to partake in this and enjoyed it immensely."

-Rider, 2020

"I am really impressed with how well this was organized and how easy it was to follow all the prompts. Made it easy to focus on the clues and not worry about the logistics of the scavenger hunt. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this next year. Thanks for all your work organizing this!"

-Rider, 2020

"Great fun! I hope a virtual option remains in future years."

-Rider, 2020

"Our team really had fun with this! It was our first time, and we will definitely participate again."

-Rider, 2020