Bike and Seek 2024

Miles of Fun

Join us for the 9th annual bicycle treasure hunt around Lansing! This year's course starts and ends at Rotary Park and is open from June 1st to June 30th for casual hunting. We will hold a competitive hunt on June 1st at 2pm and afterwards we will hang out outside Lansing Shuffle (food and drink available inside).

$20/team, all proceeds go to the Lansing Bike Coop. Please pay via Venmo. Course will be ~10 miles. If you are planning to join the competitive hunt, please register below.

There are 1 teams on the course. See which teams are out there and what they are doing on the live results page.

Solve some clues!

Bike and Seek 2023


Thanks to all the teams that came out this year! We hope you enjoyed the most circular path you can make on the River Trail.

We raised over $800 for the Lansing Bike Coop and the only snafu was that someone took the signs from Moores Park and it took us a few hours to be notified and get new signs printed and installed.


Bike and Seek 2022

Spoke's Choice

Thanks to all the teams that came out for this year's Bike and Seek!


Cranksgiving 2021

Bike, overcome obstacles, earn points, have fun!

This event was in collaboration with the Lansing Bike Co-op and was a tweak on our typical format. The locations could be done in any order and instead of solving clues, your team completed activities and received a number of points based on your performance and intensity levels!

It snowed in the morning, and remained cold the entire day, but 4 teams completed the course, and many more joined them for the after-party and fundraiser at Ozone Brewhouse.


Bike and Seek 2021

Still-COVID Edition

Second year of the new format and the 6th annual Lansing Bike and Seek went swimmingly! 84 teams completed the course. There were some very hot days on the course and those who waited until the last few days must have been sweating!


Bike and Seek 2020

COVID Edition

Big changes this year, but the 5th Annual Lansing Bike and Seek was a hit! We switched from paper clues all done in one afternoon to a digital format spread across a few weeks to give everyone space. All went off without a hitch; except for ~20 minutes of downtime from a team who scanned a clue in the middle of the course without scanning the starting clue first. We should have expected that!

79 teams completed the course and the feedback on the new format was overwhelmingly positive. We're very likely to continue this format moving forward. Less paper and easier to organize.


A bicycle treasure hunt around the city of Lansing. Organized to get people exploring the city by bike and solving fun puzzles with friends!

Organized by: Claire, Damien, Jill, Mike and Ron

Sponsored by: Foresight Group, Eastside Compost Company, and

"Great job organizing this! It was a ton of fun and a great way to spend a weekend day...I'm already looking forward to next year!"

-Rider, 2020

"I really appreciate the care and effort that went into planning this event. It was a great tour of some beautiful parks and neighborhoods in Lansing that were unfamiliar to me. The route was scenic and safe, loved the ride from start to finish! Thanks for putting this together and I'm looking forward to doing this again next year."

-Rider, 2020

"A lot of fun for our family. Thanks,"

-Rider, 2020

"Great fun! I hope a virtual option remains in future years."

-Rider, 2020

"Great fun! I loved seeing parts of Lansing I'd never seen before."

-Rider, 2020